Defining UI Performance Goals 0

Defining UI Performance Goals

How fast should my view load? How long is acceptable for logging  into an application? When you set out to build an application, it is important to get an idea of how quickly users...

Qonqr is on KickStarter 0

Qonqr is on KickStarter

A friend of mine, Scott Davis has started a gaming company with a couple of other folks.  The game is Qonqr, check them out, they are on KickStarter.

Metro Style Icons 0

Metro Style Icons

Looking for some nice Metro style icons that are customizable and free to use.  Check out MetroStudio.  They supply an app that allows you to customize the icons to the color scheme you want...

ASP.NET MVC4 Beta Now Released 0

ASP.NET MVC4 Beta Now Released

I have been working on to learn the new Razor View engine introduced in MVC 3.  It looks like now I can start playing with MVC4 and bring the site to mobile devices.